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CDC Location

We are nearby Cheongdam station, line NO.7. If you come out to 12th gate, you can find the restaurant named “VIPS”. Children’s Dental Center is right beside the VIPS’s parking lot.

#70-15, Cheongdam1-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-953, Korea By Subway: We are nearby Cheongdam station, line NO.7.

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We was established not only for dental treatments,
but also to compliment children's emotional and psychological needs.

Admission in Mini Residency Course
Name : Amrita
Hello Team,
I intend to attend the Mini Residency Course conducted by CDC. I have completed my Masters and so interested to explore more about pediatric dentistry. Kindly let me know the process of applying online/ or via email. I would like to proceed further in this regard at the earliest possible. Please reply.
Date : 2019-06-28